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Green Cleaning With Lakeland Maids: Bathrooms

  Kelly  |    24 July 2015  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Lakeland

A Green Clean is a Healthy Clean! Do you hate the smell of bleach that lingers after you deep clean a bathroom? Most people do, but they still use this chemical because it is effective.

However, did you know that organic substances can clean your home just as effectively as generic products?

Our Lakeland Maid Service has a great Green Cleaning Solution for the shower heads in your bathroom.

1. Put vinegar in a baggy then fasten this around your shower head.

2. Let this soak over night.

3. In the morning remove and wipe your shower head dry.

It will be sparking clean and bacteria-free!

For the rest of your Eco-Friendly Cleaning needs call You've Got MAIDS Lakeland at 888.624.3969, for your free estimate!