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Germantown Maids Use Vinegar For Everything!

  Kelly  |    02 May 2014  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Milwaukee

Vinegar is a great eco-friendly cleaning substance. Our Germantown Maid Service often discusses the variety of ways that you can use vinegar to clean almost any surface in your home. 

However, today our maids have some other ideas for how you can use vinegar. 

1. Gardening. 

Kill weeds in your garden by spraying vinegar on and around them. 

2. Laundry.

Get rid of fresh stains by dabbing vinegar on the spot and then washing regularly.

3. Painting.

 Soften your paint brushes by soaking them in vinegar then washing with soap and water.

For the rest of your Eco-Friendly Cleaning needs call You've Got MAIDS Milwaukee at 414.332.5326, for your free estimate.

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