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Fun Cleaning Facts

  Kathy Knapp  |    01 May 2014  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Cherry Hill

Fun cleaning facts


We know you’ve been waiting for it – but you can relax because the wait is finally over. Here are some cleaning facts we have collected for your enjoyment – or if you’ve been told there’s a cleaning special next week in your local pub quiz.

Let us know – how many of them did already know? (And be honest!)

  • 70% – 80% of dust particles in any given home are made up of dead skin cells. The other 20% includes outdoor particles coming inside, such as soil.
  • Iceland is the cleanest country in the world.
  • Over six million people employ domestic cleaning help in Britain. It makes you wonder the number of domestic cleaners in London alone!
  • As well as a savior to the potato, tomato ketchup is a multitasking clean hero. It can bring back the shine to tarnished or corroded brass, and it can remove rust stains from fabrics.
  • Most kitchen sinks actually have more germs than the toilet, so next time you fancy licking the sink, opt for the toilet instead.
  • Spraying a surface and immediately wiping it away will only do half a job. The majority of antibacterial cleaners are designed to be left on surfaces for 30-60 seconds before wiping them off.
  • And if you’ve run out of your antibacterial spray – lemons are a great disinfectant.
  • Another handy fruit to have around for cleaning emergencies is the banana – they can clean silver items and give leather shoes a good polish.
  • If you get chewing gum stains on your clothing, place a newspaper over the top and give it a quick iron
  • Some countries, including Scotland, Ireland and New Zealand, have a ritual house-cleaning the day before the New Year – similar to our ‘Spring Cleaning’.
  • The average woman cleans for 12, 896 hours in her lifetime
  • And men clean an average of 6, 448 hours
  • 66% of British people clean the surfaces in their home on a daily basis