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First Day of Spring in 2019 is March 20

  Joseph Berger  |    11 March 2019  |    Spring Cleaning


9 Days to Go!

We have only nine days left until the official beginning of Spring. Woo-hoo! According to a Gallup poll, Spring is America's favorite season. Unsurprisingly, winter is the least favorite season. To round it out, fall comes in second and summer comes in third. Furthermore, those over the age of 65 prefer spring by the largest margin, with over half of seniors choosing spring as their favorite season.

Spring Facts

  1. "Spring cleaning" was first mentioned in 1857.
  2. The first day of spring is also called the vernal equinox.
  3. There's more daylight during spring as Earth's axis is tilted towards the sun this time of year.

Spring Cleaning Tips

  1. Your kitchen sink - toss some lemon grinds into the garbage disposal and let the citrus smell refresh the pipes.
  2. Reusable grocery bags - we are big fans of reusable grocery bags, but admittedly, they can get dirty over time. Run them through the washer, turning them inside out before placing inside the washer. Dryers aren't always friendly to grocery bags, so consider the fabric of the bag and setting of the dryer before starting. You might even want to let the bag air dry instead.
  3. Your cutting boards - cut some lemons in half and rub them on your cutting boards to get out the stains. Also, you can then use the leftover grinds to perform tip number one. 


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