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Fake Tree Cleaning Tips

  You've Got MAIDS  |    18 December 2018

Artificial or "Fake" trees are just as magical way safer compared to real trees. Unfortunately, artificial trees will accumulate dust from being on display in December or in storage for months at a time. If you find your tree to be too dirty and dusty to hang your decorations on, it might be time to give it a good cleaning.

lighted Christmas tree
Chris Benson (@lordmaui)
1. Remove the tree from the box and securely assemble the base. Spread out the branches to attach to the tree as you go after cleaning each piece. You may wish to place a sheet on the floor around the tree to catch any falling debris.
2. Test your vacuum on the tree. Use an upholstery bristle brush attachment to test an area at the very base of the tree. Your vacuum should be able to safely clean the dirt off the branches without damaging the tree.

3. Start vacuuming. Work from the top to the bottom, using your vacuum brush to gently suction dust off the branches and the trunk of the tree. Avoid vacuuming the tree into the hose or pulling out greenery.[
4. Prepare to wipe down the tree. Fill a bucket with mild dish soap and warm water, avoiding any harsh chemicals that can damage your tree. Unplug your tree if it has built-in lights. Use a soft dish or dust rag to clean the tree so the cloth won’t get tangled in the branches.
5. Wipe the branches and the trunk. Dip your rag in the soapy water and wring well. Use the rag to gently clean the tree, working from top to bottom. Rinse the dust off your rag frequently to prevent spreading wet dust to other parts of the tree. Replace the water as necessary. If you are leaving suds, your towel is dripping, or you're leaving wet branches behind, you are not wringing the rag enough.
Allow the tree to dry thoroughly before plugging the lights back in.
6. Clean up the area around the tree. Vacuum the area around the tree to remove any dust that may have fallen on the floor. Put your cleaning supplies away.
7. Dump the dust out of the sheet. Fold the corners of your dust sheet in towards the center. This will form a sack to transport the sheet without spilling any contained dirt. Take the sheet out to the garbage and dump out the contents.
8. Decorate your tree. Now that your tree is clean, now is the time to put on your decorations. Test the tree to make sure all the branches are dry before plugging in the lights.