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Dish Soap Discoveries: 8 Unexpected Ways to Use a Common Cleaner

  Meli Lussier  |    09 May 2017  |    House Cleaning Tips

Cooktop Cove shared eight innovative ways to use that every day common cleaner under your kitchen sink. Yes, they are talking about the dish soap! 

Watch the video here: 

Cooktop Dishsoap JPG.png

1. Clean your jewelry with it. Simply add dish soap to sparkling water and make those diamonds sparkle and shine as good as new! You can also clean combs and brushes with the same mixture just as easily.

2. Clean a dirty blender. Sounds simple enough, but how many of us sit there and scrub the blender after making our favorite smoothie when you can simply fill with warm water, add soap and blend! Clean as a whistle with a mere push of the blender button. 

3. Never ending bubbles for the kids. The bubble fluid will never run out again! Just mix six parts distilled water with one part dish soap and you'll have endless hours of bubble-blowing fun!

4. Fix a squeaky door.  Move over, WD-40! Squirt dish soap on a paper towel and wipe down the offending hinge. No more squeaks!

5. Clean an oil spill.  Tired of looking at the old oil spot on the garage floor? Cover it with baking soda, top it with dish soap and brush away with ease. 

6. Fertilize your lawn.  Who would have thought this combo would make your grass greener? Be the envy of your neighbors by mixing 4 tablespoons of your favorite beer, two tablespoons of corn syrup and two tablespoons of dish soap into a gallon container and spray away! 

7. Get rid of weeds. Mix one-gallon white vinegar, one cup of salt and one teaspoon dish soap and spray the weeds. No chemical residue and a great organic solution to removing weeds!

8. Protect your plants from bugs.  Place a drop of dish soap in your watering can or plant spritzer and keep those pesky pests away from your plants, naturally. 

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