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Cleaning Checklists are just what your McAllen Home Needs

  Kelly  |    10 November 2014  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    McAllen

We all struggle with finding time to clean the house.  That's what You've Got MAIDS of McAllen is all about. We clean the home while you enjoy your life.  But even between cleanings, some tidying up needs to happen. Laundry and dishes, as much as we hope, just don't seem to clean themselves.

Creating a cleaning list is a great way to ensure that your home gets the clean it deserves.

Crush on Chic Cleaning List
I downloaded this cleaning list from Crushing on Chic. It provides a broken down list for daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning.

For a more thorough, deep clean I recommend our 52 Point Spring Cleaning Checklist. This is what You've Got Maids of McAllen uses to ensure that your home is spotless. Click here for a free estimate.

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