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Clean and Organized Refrigerator

  Mitch  |    10 February 2016  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Carmel

There are many benefits to having a clean refrigerator. Now this is not an easy job to undertake and it make take some time to do it right. So when you are ready and have ample time to finish the job and do it correctly follow some of these helpful tips to insure your fridge is as clean as the day you bought it.


  1. Supplies - have your supplies ready for cleaning so you don't waste time and energy going looking for products.
  2. Empty - empty out the entire fridge and freezer of all items
  3. Shelving - remove all shelves and drawers for quick cleaning
  4. Food - get rid of all expired food
  5. Restock - once fridge is clean return food back is organized pattern with labels facing out for easy access and recognition.

While this job doesn't need to be done all the time it's good practice to do it the same time each year or once a season. For a complete house clean including refrigerator cleans call 317-875-7837 and let You've Got MAIDS Carmel be your maid service of choice.

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