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Benefits of Grass-Fed Beef

  Montanna Lussier  |    14 August 2019  |    Kitchen,  |    All Natural

The Better Beef

Grass-fed beef is known to be better for you than grain-fed beef; it's also much more beneficial for the cow, as well. Grass is more natural for the cow to consume, so it can easily affect the taste, caloric measure, and impact on the environment. You may know to eat grass-fed beef, but if you don't know exactly why, then keep reading.

cow eating grass

Switch to Grass-Fed Beef

Grass-fed beef is much better for the environment than grain-fed beef. Typical beef emits more greenhouse gases than grass-fed beef, which is something that can greatly contribute to global warming. It's also better for the cows themselves, since grass-fed cows typically get to reside in more spacious areas with grass than grain-fed cows that have to reside in CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations) and eat corn- and soy-based diets. 

The amount of calories in grass-fed beef is lower than grain-fed beef. There are less fatty acids present in grass-fed beef, meaning that the fat composition of grass-fed cows is much lower than grain-fed cows. Not only is less fat more beneficial for your diet, but reduced fat also lowers your risk of heart disease. Additionally, grass-fed beef contains more vitamins and protein than grain-fed beef does, since grass-fed cows are healthier than grain-fed cows. Overall, grass-fed beef is better nutritionally for you since it's hormone- and antibiotic-free.

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