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Busy Mornings? Use These Simple Bathroom Organizing Tricks

  Mike Burt  |    25 February 2014  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Savannah

Cleaning the bathroom is one of everyone's least favorite chores. However, as with most chores it’s something that just has to be done.  The best solution? Hire You've Got Maids of Savannah to clean it for you!

However, if you're in between services and your cluttered bathroom is slowing down your morning routine, here's three ways to get it tidy again:

1. If you have cabinet space under the sink, organize what's there in different colored baskets for easy access

2. Take advantage of easy shelving options, like over the toilet or in the corner of your shower

3. Don't be afraid to hang an extra towel rack to save time in the morning. A removable door hook is perfect this.

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