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Baking for the Holidays Anyone?

  Chris and Ryan Belgrave  |    30 October 2014  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Virginia Beach

The holidays are quickly approaching. The time is now to start thinking of all those delightful holiday dishes. Roasting and baking of all those pies, cakes, casseroles and that Thanksgiving favorite, the Turkey! Start getting those recipes together! Go to those websites that you have booked marked, for all those recipes that you've been dying to try all year.  Here at You've Got Maids we love this time of year, baking all those cookies, cakes, pies and not to mention the taste casserolesLET THE BAKING SEASON BEGIN!
While thinking of the many delightful dishes to bake. We often forget about the place where we are going to do the baking, the “Oven”. After baking and roasting in the oven all year long, it has become an unpleasant sight. With all the burned, charred, built up grease and grime that has been left behind. You know that smell you get when you turn on the oven? Well, it not natural, it’s from all those spills, splatters and bubbling over of the delightful and no so delicious dishes that were baked. They create fumes that get into the food you’re baking and taint the taste and even the smell.
Give the professional at You've Got Maids a call to give your oven an awesome cleaning. Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed! Our ladybug heats up to a staggering 300+ degrees to tackles that burned on, charred built-up grease and grime that has been left behind for months and in some cases years from roasting and baking.  Give us a call today 757.932.5326
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