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A Day In The Life of A Delray Maid

  Kelly  |    31 January 2014  |    Choosing a maid service,  |    Delray Beach

Once upon a time there was a quiet town named Delray Beach. The highlight of the city was the farming of pineapples and tomatoes started by a wealthy businessman named William Linton who today has a major street named after him.

After a few harsh winters which killed the crops, Mr. Linton departed and the city was renamed Delray meaning “Of the King”. Evidently, it was meant to be because, it has become the largest tourist attraction in Palm Beach during the past ten years. Gorgeous, exquisite restaurants providing the finest cuisines from Asia to Brazil have become an enormous appeal for visitors. Combine the awesome art galleries, up-scale boutiques, scrumptious dessert shops complimented with spectacular night life entertainment and we've got South Beach in Palm Beach. Gotta Luv It!

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