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5 Keys to Successfully DeCluttering Your Home

  Chris and Ryan Belgrave  |    13 November 2014  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Virginia Beach

Clutter is the killer of valuable time”, we all have things in our home that needs to be put away or items that need to find a new home. Whether it’s regifted, trashed, recycled or kept, kept items we may just need to relocate or put somewhere discreet. I’m not talking about the furniture and other fixtures in our home. I am speaking of the stuff we buy on impulse. Over time this habit causes our home to look disorganized, untidy in an extreme case even chaotic. Then, here comes the task of what are we going to do? We have to start making choices. This task can cause anxiety and be very stressful. One of the best times to de-clutter is when we’re moving, and have plenty of time to minimize! “out with the bad and re-gift the new”.

They are many ways to de-clutter but I love the four box method of keep, trash or give away (regift/sell). This method forces you to make a decision now. Instead of throwing away gifts, we can re-gift them or give them to charity, someone may have put a lot of thought and love into getting you that gift. Here a 5 keys to successfully decluttering your home:

  1. Attitude and Mind Set - this is very important, the way you thing and feel before you start will determine the success and outcome of the decluttering process. This is also true in everyday life.
  2. Have a plan- know how much time you are willing to set aside for this project. Not planning your time could lead to rush decision making, and inadvertently throwing away or keeping items.
  3. It all doesn't have to be done at once – take about 30 minutes to an hour each day for the next few days or you can even allocate more time on the weekend.
  4. Usage - if we haven’t used it in the last five seasons, it must go. Don’t put items in a box or bag and put them away with the thought “I’ll use it one day”, be true to yourself. Placing them in the attic, basement, deep in a closet or under the bed you are just moving around the clutter. This action causes us to believe we have more room for stuff.
  5. Keeping- will have to be moved or relocate to an inconspicuous place whereas to not be in the way but also not forgotten about. Not putting it back where it was, remember we are decluttering. If we are going to keep items we have to make up in our minds that we are going to use them at least in there season.

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