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3 Green Tips | Graham You've Got Maids

  Joseph Berger  |    14 January 2012  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Graham

Graham, Washington, U.S.A - Graham You've Got Maids is a part of the You've Got Maids initiative to provide green cleaning to all Americans. Our company is committed to being a Green Company and as a result we have been recognized and approved by watchdog organization Green America as a company that takes such steps. We're pretty proud about this.

We're green, clean and most certainly not mean. Here are a few tips from us to you on how you can live a greener lifestyle in 2012!

1. Whenever possible, go rustic and let mother nature dry your clothes instead of the dryer. It's a huge energy save.

2. Shut down and unplug electronics when you're not using them. Again, a huge power save.

3. Get a water filter and ditch the bottles.

4. Hire You've Got Maids!

Call Tacoma You've Got Maids when your ready to hire the best maid service in the land. Either way, have a great day!

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