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3 Fun Activities For You & Your 3-Year-Old

  Joseph Berger  |    18 September 2017

Looking for something fun to do with your 3-year-old? Here's three activities that both you and your youngling will enjoy.


1. Build a "Machine"

You'll need sometype of box or container (any size will do), markers, child-safe scissors, and tape. Then, talk with your child about inventing the machine of the future. Something that'll help your child do something around the house or in the yard. The machine needs a purpose, but that purpose can be anything. Once your child has built the machine, it's time to play make believe.

2. Calendar

This can be a fun way to not only teach your child the days of the week, the months of the year, and the seasons, but also a good way to enable your child to envision and plan for the future. You'll need child-safe scissors, colored paper, markers, and glue. Cut long rectangles that can fit seven boxes on them and put glue them to a piece of paper. Use the markers to signify the days and dates like on a store-bought calendar. As your child marks the days, they'll have a hands-on experience with the concepts of the calendar. Once you have it all built out, mark certain days that are significant to your family. Birthdays, holidays, and upcoming events. 

3. Bird Watching

Bird watching isn't just for grandpa. Take an empty juice or milk carton and cut it in half. Poke holes on each side and sling a string through each hole, tying the strings together to forming one string that can be hung outside. Fill the container with bird seed and wait. You maight want to read up on local birds so that when they do come, you'll be able to teach your child a little bit about the nature they're living in and how it all ties together.

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