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3 Easy Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

  Joseph Berger  |    11 March 2014  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    St. Charles

Tired of constantly searching for that one spatula or bowl you can never seem to find? Here's three easy tips for decluttering your kitchen, courtesy of You've Got Maids, St. Charles' finest home cleaning service!

1. Consolidate. Don't let pots and pans sit in every space in your cabinets; designate a drawer or cabinet only for large dishes. Or, purchase a chic ceiling-mounted hanger to give yourself some extra cabinet space!

2. Label. Never use salt instead of sugar again! Grab some tupperware containers with resealable lids and a P-Touch, and label away! This is also a great way to keep loose foods like flour and rice dry and fresh.

3. Beautify. Now that you have some more counter space, put all of your cooking utensils in one place. We suggest a cute vase next the stove for easy access. Voila! Stylish and useful.

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