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10 Questions You Should Always Ask Before Hiring A Maid Service

  Joseph Berger  |    24 January 2020  |    House Cleaning Tips

1. Are your maids contractors or employees?

A company comprised of employees is going to be able to provide a more consistent service. Their employees have stable employment and are working full time for the business. Accordingly, the team that'll be cleaning your home is more likely to be comprised of the same faces and people who are fully engaged in their job.

2. Do your maids show up in uniform and in a logo'd vehicles?

It's good to know that the people in your home are the people who should be, and what makes that easier to know but a uniformed team showing up in a company vehicle? It shows that you're dealing with professionals and not amateurs.

3. Are you insured? What happens if the maids break or damage something?

If you're dealing with a company or independent maid who is not insured, then you are absorbing the liability. Sure, an uninsured service will cost you less, but that's because you're taking on the cost of the risk. If something happens to your home, you will have to pay for any damage. 

4. Do you carry workman’s compensation insurance?

If one of the maids falls and is hurt, you could be held responsible. Maid service should bring peace and clean to your home, not risk and worry. Go with the pros and you'll get the full package.

5. Do you have a training program?

Turnover is high in the service industry. Without a good training program, it's unlikely that your maid service will be up to par. You've Got Maids has a proprietary training program, Maid University. Every new hire is trained through the system. This is one part of multi-parted system to ensure high-quality service.

6. Do you prescreen the maids?

Unfortunately, it is common practice in service for agencies to hire for a pulse. You've Got Maids, and all the other professional services, only hire after drug screening and checking references. While this would seem almost a given, it so frequently isn't. Make sure that your service provider prescreens every single maid.

7. What's your system for upholding quality?

How does your service provider ensure quality?  Do they perform regular quality checks, surveys, leave comment cards, or do follow-up phone calls?  Is someone responsible for quality assurance? It's far too often that a service starts out strong and then the quality dissipates. By working with a company that has a system for upholding quality, you'll be able to outsource your house cleaning for years to come with the ease and joy you should expect.

8. What happens if I am unsatisfied with my cleaning?

You've Got Maids offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If, within 24 hours, you find that our team has missed something (it happens!), then You've Got Maids will send their team back out to complete the job. That's what happens when you're a You've Got Maids client, that's what happens.

9. Do I provide the equipment and supplies?

Professional companies provide all of their own supplies and equipment. It's another method of ensuring quality- the maids always use the products they're familiar with. Also, you can remove cleaning supplies from your grocery list!

10. Do you work off a checklist to ensure quality?

What's on the list get taken care of, so be sure that your service is working from a checklist. We have different lists for different services- the 52-Point Spring Clean, move out cleans, move in cleans, and maintenance cleans.