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  Mitch  |    07 April 2015  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Buffalo

As my kids get older and older I feel like my house cleaning has gotten more extreme. I feel like I pick up something or clean and item and ten more replace them. This all changed once I set up a cleaning calendar that the whole family participates in. It really is easy and can be done in all sorts of creative ways. I have listed below a few of the things we have on our house cleaning calendar.

  1. Color codes - each color represents a different chore and if your name is in a specific color then that is your chore for the week.
  2. Reward - mostly for the kids but rewards like extra allowance or choices of chores for following week.
  3. Time - set up time frames for job to be done to insure prompt completion.
  4. Penalties - if job isn't completed or done poorly you will get penalty in different forms from docked allowance or added chores.

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