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Buffalo's Perfect Summer Game for the Kids

  Kelly  |    03 July 2014  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Buffalo

Having kids is so wonder, and so challenging... Who here agrees?

When the weather gets this hot, it is hard to be motivated to get the kids to play outside. After the sunscreen, staying hydrated, and bug spray, being outside is worth it for the little ones to explore, grow, and start making healthy habits!

One of my absolute favorite kid-friendly games of all time is MESSY TWISTER! Trust me, it is tons of fun! All you need is a twister board, and washable paints of the same color as the twister spots... Just put the paint on the spots, and proceed to a fun game the kids will love! Of course, plan on hosing the kiddos down before heading back inside.

While you are out and having a blast as a family, treat yourself to the best gift and call YOU'VE GOT MAIDS of BUFFALO for your FREE estimate TODAY at 716.830.8461! Let us take care of the details, so you can go out and have fun.