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Rewarded for great cleaning in Pensacola

  Mitch  |    Jun 4, 2014 2:26:45 PM  |    House Cleaning Service Reviews,  |    Pensacola

Being recognized for a job well done is a great compliment and a great pride builder among our maids. We recently cleaned a home for Tonya and she gave us a raving review seen below. At You've Got Maids of Pensacola we take pride and satisfaction in every job we do. Thanks again Tonya.

I seldom post anything on FB. If I do, it's because I can't contain myself and just have to share. That said, I'd like to give a plug for Sean Phillips, owner of You've Got Maids. His crews do AMAZING work that will absolutely shock you. Their standard in cleaning is beyond belief! They are unlike most of the "get in and get out" cleaning companies. They are incredible!!!!!!!! Tonya in Pensacola