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Fantastic Howard County House Cleaning Feedback

  Frank  |    Jun 8, 2012 7:46:00 PM  |    House Cleaning Service Reviews,  |    Howard


Exceptional Maid Service

Our client, Austin T, has chosen a few words to describe our Maryland maid services. Diligent, Thorough, Fantastic, Love, Breath of Fresh Air, Impressed, & Professional Staff! Here, read for yourself:

Impressed by Professional Maid Staff

All of our maids have attended Maid University where they learn how to clean at You’ve Got Maids standards. Obviously our Maid U training is working when they are referred to as a breath of fresh air.

You’ve got MAIDS is a Breath of Fresh Air

The Howard County You’ve Got MAIDS is known for exceptional green house cleaning. We offer chemical free cleaning, and that does improve our clients breathing.

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