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Franchise House Cleaning And Maid Service Royalty Fee

  Frank Berger  |    Sep 7, 2009 2:00:53 AM  |    Franchise Opportunities

Beware the House Cleaning Franchise that does not require royalties. Typically this type of maid service franchisor will charge a premium for the initial Franchise Fee and more for the Protected Territory fee (if they even have protected territories).

This upfront-fee Franchise Fees gets your unit up and running, and then they focus on the next potential maid service Franchisee. It makes sense doesn't it? Why would they give your house cleaning franchise great continuing support if they are no longer getting paid by you to do so? This is just common sense.

My own personal experience as a Franchisee and now a Franchisor has provided insight into the benefits of ongoing royalty payments. A maid service franchisee should want to partner with a Franchisor who has a vested interest in their maid services success. A good house cleaning franchise will provide continuing support so that the Franchisees are in business for themselves, but are not by themselves.

A service franchise that front-loads all their fees and lures prospective franchisees with the promise of no royalty fee really have no incentive to help you succeed. Think it through. If the house cleaning franchise makes all the money up front, then it should direct all its resources to getting new Franchisees, setting them up, and then finding another new Franchisee. If a Franchisee fails, and closes the office, now the Franchisor is free to sell that same protected territory all over again. A case could be "maid" that this type of no royalty fee francisher has more to gain if they let the weaker franchisees cycle themselves out of the system through bankruptcy and abandonment.

If you are considering purchasing a house cleaning service franchise please consider You’ve Got Maids. Our franchise opportunity pages will give you more information on what our house cleaning franchise has to offer you. A franchise application can be found on our website.

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