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Cleaning Services in East Downtown (EADO) area

  Moylam Wong  |    Nov 23, 2020 9:47:27 AM

Houston Maid Cleaning Services in East Downtown (EADO) area

Established in 2005, You’ve Got MAIDS is the premier service provider for cleaning service in East Downtown, in Houston! Our company is family owned for two co-owners Moylam Wong & Raul Wong (co-owner of You’ve Got Maids of Central Houston) take great pride in offering all our clients quick and impeccable service. Our professional maids have been helping our EADO neighbors with all of their home and commercial cleaning needs for many years. 

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Garden Oaks, Timbergrove, Oak Forest Area Houston Cleaning Services

  Moylam Wong  |    Nov 23, 2020 9:34:58 AM

Houston Cleaning Services in Garden Oaks, Timbergrove, Oak Forest area

Do you need help keeping your home clean in these difficult times? A reliable cleaning company perhaps? Do you reside in the Garden Oaks, Timbergrove, Oak Forest area?  If so, please contact the skilled cleaning experts at You’ve Got MAIDS! 

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Houston this Weekend

  John Bodine  |    Oct 19, 2018 4:33:02 PM

Arts District Houston embodies Houston’s up and coming creative economy. This colorful, urban, artist-centered community is situated in the city center along the Washington Avenue Corridor and touts the highest concentration of working artists in the state. Visit this lively historically designated area bound by two of the city’s bayous and feel the creativity flow throughout the creative businesses, restaurants, artists studios, and reimagined industrial spaces, notably the iconic repurposed rice silos and old Union Pacific rail line that run through it. This state-appointed Arts and Cultural District has a rich history as it encompasses portions of both the 1st and 6th Wards, two of the city’s oldest neighborhoods.

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Living Well in Houston Heights

  Joseph Berger  |    Sep 18, 2018 12:19:28 PM  |    home life

Good Food in Houston Heights

There seems to be about a thousand good options to grab a bite in Houston Heights. It seems like every week some new and exciting restaurant is opening it's doors. One way of finding a good place to eat is to just walk down the street and see where your feet take you. Another option is try out one of our favorites:

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Top House Cleaning Job in Houston

  Joseph Berger  |    Sep 14, 2018 11:06:22 AM  |    careers


You've Got Maids of Central Houston operates with a culture of dignity and respect. Expect an atmosphere where everyone is held to a high standard. You've Got Maids' employees all go through Maid University. You'll learn and receive a certificate upon graduation from the training process. You'll have opportunities to advance to becoming a Team Leader, and management beyond that. It is possible to work your way up to owning a franchise location of You've Got Maids.

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