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Cleaning Services in East Downtown (EADO) area

  Moylam Wong  |    Nov 23, 2020 9:47:27 AM

Houston Maid Cleaning Services in East Downtown (EADO) area

Established in 2005, You’ve Got MAIDS is the premier service provider for cleaning service in East Downtown, in Houston! Our company is family owned for two co-owners Moylam Wong & Raul Wong (co-owner of You’ve Got Maids of Central Houston) take great pride in offering all our clients quick and impeccable service. Our professional maids have been helping our EADO neighbors with all of their home and commercial cleaning needs for many years. 

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Our cleaning services include but are not limited to:  

Free-In Home Estimate 

52-Point Spring Clean™ Our exclusive 52-Point Spring Clean™ ensures the cleaning of essentially every surface, in every room of your home.  

Weekly Cleaning Relax. Your maids will truly take over your housekeeping with weekly maid service. 

Biweekly Cleaning Your time is valuable. Coming home to a house that's clean and comfortable is a wonderful feeling.  

Move In Cleaning You only get one chance to get your new house perfectly clean, and that's with You've Got Maids. 

Move Out Cleaning Only You've Got Maids guarantees your security deposit will be returned for cleaning related issues thanks to our LANDLORD GUARANTEE! 

A la Carte You can hire You’ve Got MAIDS to clean only what you desire to be clean. 

About You’ve Got MAIDS 

Frank and Cynthia Berger are the original founders of You’ve Got MAIDS, a highly successful entrepreneur in the franchise industry. Their mission when creating You’ve Got MAIDS had 3 important parts: 

1) To deliver a winning system for success for their franchisees, 

2) To provide safe, detailed, environmentally-conscious cleaning services to its clients, and 

3) To improve the lives of the mostly single mom employees. 

The original office was located in Orlando FL in 2005 and then expanded to Charleston, SC. You’ve Got MAIDS franchise in 2010. Frank and Cynthia have evolved a very long way from how it first began - all the while remaining family owned.

Moylam and Raul Wong in 2017 joined the national residential cleaning franchise, You've Got Maids, Moylam and Raul Wong are both university graduates with extensive professional careers where they have excelled and made an impact. They both are hardworking people impassioned by their goals to provide quality service and dignified high-paying employment. 

Moylam discovered a passion for cleaning and tapped into her lifelong passion of helping others. She has always desired owning her own business, so following several months of due diligence they opened You’ve Got MAIDS of Central Houston, which specialized in professional maid services for residential and commercial customers. 

Green Cleaning Products that Protect Your Family, Your Pets and Our Planet! 

In our ever-changing world many people are taking steps to save our earth. Cleaning your home with non-toxic, non-chemical based products is a step in the green direction. After all, it is the sum of the smaller acts that gives way to the greatest results. On behalf of the staff of You’ve Got MAIDS® , thank you for partnering with us in our vision to protect our planet. 

We are committed to using cleaning products that are healthy for you, your family, your pets and the environment. Green Seal certified products must meet many standards, including no toxins, no carcinogens and nothing corrosive to teeth or skin. 

One-Spot for all Your cleaning needs 

You’ve Got Maids guarantees that we’ll be there for you from start to finish. Time is taken with all of our customers to assist in selection of the cleaning required for the job. 

Call us for a free, no obligation estimating, we will guide you through the full process. We can even offer professional services for exterior window cleaning, junk removal, and closet organizer- let us know what you need! 

We will assign an On site supervisor to you. Our maids will bring all the equipment and supplies. They also are in uniform and drive our maidmobile cars. They passed a background check; drug screens and we have checked their previous work reference. All our employees go through the associate degree program in maid service science at Maid University, which is designed to help them gain a fundamental understanding of residential house cleaning. The objective is to develop well rounded and technically competent graduates through socially relevant coursework, options in specific house cleaning specialties, as well as the opportunity to build superior sanitization skills. 

Satisfaction Guarantee 

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed at You’ve Got MAIDS. If you are not happy with any area we’ve cleaned, simply call within 24 hours and we will come back out and reclean it free of charge. This makes hiring You’ve Got MAIDS virtually risk free. 

More About Greater Houston, TX 

As the fourth most populated city in the United States, Houston sprawls out over an area nearly 640 square miles. Founded in 1836, it is named after General Sam Houston, president of the Republic of Texas. Our economy is based primarily in energy, aeronautics, manufacturing, and transportation.  

Houston enjoys a bustling theater and arts community, a world-renowned medical center, and several thriving sports franchises and entertainment centers. 

Interested in learning more about our great city? Browse the websites below to find out what Houston has to offer. 

City of Houston - the city’s official website 

Space Center Houston - a leading science and space exploration learning center/museum 

Houston Ballet - highly acclaimed, the nation’s 5th largest ballet company tours internationally 

Houston Grand Opera - has won a Tony, two Grammys, and 3 Emmys - the only opera company to boast all three awards 

MD Anderson - widely regarded and awarded the best cancer hospital in the nation Houston Astros - our beloved MLB team won the World series in 2017 Houston Rockets - our basketball team has won two NBA championships and four Western Conference titles 

Houston Texans - our stellar football team has won 5 division championships

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