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    Living Well in Olympia

      Joseph Berger  |    Sep 11, 2018 4:53:32 PM  |    Fun

    Fine Food

    Olympia is full of fantastic places to grab a bite. There's something for everyone and there are plenty of good places to bring your family for a meal. We've scanned the press and surveyed the town looking for the best three places to take your family and here's what we came up with:

    1. Gardner's Restaurant
    2. 5th Avenue Sandwich Shop
    3. La Gitana


    Pretty Parks

    Beyond the good grub, Olympia is blessed with some really wonderful natural scenery. It's truly special! You can go in just about any direction and land in some beautiful park, trail, or waterfront. There's so much to see and explore! Here's our three top recommendations:

    1. Watershed Park
    2. Priest Point Park
    3. Marathon Park

    Good Living

    With so many places to eat, parks to explore, and events going on, why spend any free time on cleaning if you don't have to? Time is precious, and house cleaning can be expensive both in terms of time as well as energy. Hire the professionals to get it done for you. You've Got Maids is ready to give you a quote at 360.491.1558.

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