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Great 5 Star Review

  Janice  |    Feb 23, 2018 12:59:02 PM

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You've Got Maids provides a platform for our customers to show appreciation for the maids,by offering a grading system. On our website fortwayne.youvegotmaids.com the customers have the ability to "Grade your Maids." If the customer gives all areas a 5-star rating then we give a $20 bonus for the maids.  Customers can also leave a review on Google, which is a great way for other potential customers to get a glimpse/perspective how the company is doing. 

These are the the areas the customer can give a rating for:

  • Quality of Bathrooms
  • Quality of Kithchen
  • Quality of Dusting
  • Quality of Floors
  • Quality of Staff

Then they ask if you have anything to share, here is a quote directly from a happy customer, who gave us a 5-star rating in every area:

"I am very happy with the cleaning job done by You've Got Maids. They were efficient, hard-working, and professional. Happy I found them!

The maids love it! Not only for the monetary reasons, but it gives the them a way to know how they did. Rather if its a high or low rating, it provides feedback and it helps them to realize what areas they are doing great in and what areas need improving. So if you have had a clean by us or are looking for a cleaning service, please take the time to check out our website, fortwayne.youvegotmaids.com.