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New Restaurant In Boca!

  John Bodine  |    Oct 12, 2018 4:50:38 PM

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     Have you had time to go to Willie’s Sushi Bar & Bistro? It’s coolest new place in Boca Raton. Sushi is so much fun with friends and family.

people eating sushi


What’s it like?

The owner/Creator wanted to have a little bit of everything so any couple could come there and find something they liked -- especially if they weren't into sushi. Willie is originally from Costa Rica, however he has a lengthy chef resume including the Florida keys and Miami. He's the sushi chef, too and his friend (who he'd worked with before) handles the bistro items. Sushi continues to gain popularity in the U.S., so many parents wonder if it is safe for their young children to eat and when they can safely introduce it.Sushi in itself—if it's using lean fish and vegetables and avocado—can be very healthy and can be a great source of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins. Omega-3 fatty acids help children's brain and eye development. However, like any seafood, there are some safety considerations for parents.

 person sitting in front of sushi dish on table

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The reviewers are coming in glowing! Be the first of your friends and family groups to be there. It can be a lot of fun to tell others to try out a new food or restaurant. Go out and try new restaurants as much as possible. You will have new experiences and a lot to talk about when you catch up with pals! Give yourself more time to enjoy new experiences buying getting a free estimate today: