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You’ve Got MAIDS Founder Considered for MAID CZAR

  Frank Berger  |    Aug 26, 2009 5:03:16 AM  |    Founders Blog

WASHINGTON (MAID) -- More than seven months into office, President Obama has yet to fill a number of top posts, including many Czar positions. If President Obama's commitment to a public option in health-care was intended to let us Americans catch up with our European brothers and sisters, then his introducing a public option for maid service will certainly succeed at outclassing the Europeans.

Surely a clean home leads to increased health. Frank Berger, CEO & Founder of the professional maid service franchise You’ve Got MAIDS, has officially throwing his name into the ring for the yet to be created position of MAID CZAR.

If appointed his mission will be to clean up America, one home at a time. President Obama your people can get in touch with his people to get this vetting process rolling.

President Obama Maid Czar