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When Customers Don't Expect Good Service, They Usually Don't Get It

  Frank Berger  |    Oct 29, 2009 7:05:33 AM  |    Founders Blog,  |    Franchise Opportunities

Green YG Maids

When customers don’t expect good service, they usually don’t get it, and that is sometimes the case in low-income communities.” writes Jordan Minick at QSR Magazine.

Why would that be? What’s the root of the problem? Is it inadequate training or is it environment? Minicks article observes that some poorer communities in urban markets operate in food deserts with few restaurants or grocery stores. If you live in the wrong part of town, you may be accustomed to a lower level of service than you would find in more affluent areas.

According to the author, the genesis of this problem comes down to lack of training and little competition from competing businesses to improve. Inexperience breeds inexperience. The best option for these communities is for a franchised business to come in, invest in training & maintaining high standards.

Professional maid services are no different. If a cleaning lady decides to start her own business, she may lack the business acumen to create an outstanding professional home cleaning service. She most likely has very little experience in managing a business. After all a professional maid service owner wears many hats…human resources, training, accounting, risk management, OSHA compliance, customer service, marketing, payroll, fleet management, etc..

The best thing for every cleaning lady with lofty goals is to save your money and then approach a home cleaning franchise. Cleaning franchises, like You’ve Got MAIDS, teach you how to run a professional business. New business owners make costly oversights. By being part of a franchise, you learn to avoid expensive mistakes, and maximize your long term profit potential.


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