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The Entrepreneur's Leap

  joseph  |    Jun 16, 2017 4:05:13 PM  |    Franchise Opportunities

beach chair shutterstock_23934238.jpgOn the New Jersey shoreline there are sheltered stands that the lifeguards sit in during the long summer days. Come dusk, when those suntanned, red-shorted wardens leave their posts at the tail end of an exodus of tourists, the stands are left to the imagination of the young locals. The stands are set up such that there is a covered bench the size of a loveseat beneath an overhang. The overhang is structured that lifeguards can climb up on top of the overhang and perch themselves atop the stand to get a higher perspective. At night, the young locals find their way to top of those stands, the soft light khaki sand a daunting six or seven feet below serving as a questionable pillow to any fall. Standing there at the ledge, you begin to worry. Now that you’ve climbed up, you feel somewhat obliged to jump, to leap. This is particularly true if there’s some peer pressure.

Fear-ridden leaps are a tradition for youngsters all around the world. Then, we get older, we stop jumping. Mondays blend into Tuesdays and things become predictable. Yet some of us wonder. Maybe we consider starting a business. We walk about the idea like a young kid on the Jersey Shore circling around the lifeguard stand, pondering the possibility. Maybe we sit inside, on the bench, weighing the options. There are different routes to take. You could jump off the front, the back, start a restaurant, or perhaps a service. Some take it even further and climb up to the top, make the phone call, and start even telling people they might just leap.

When you’re a kid, your friends would tell you to go ahead jump, you chicken. When you’re an adult, speaking of dropping everything and starting a business, your friends will tell you to climb back down, and walk away. Most will heed those warnings and do just that. Some do not.

If you’re interested in taking the leap and starting a business, where Mondays and Tuesdays will rarely be the same, then you should consider a franchise. Working with a franchise is much like taking advice from the older kid, who has jumped before, telling you where to jump and how to do so. That’s what we at You’ve Got MAIDS® do; we help those about to leap do it best.

We at You’ve Got MAIDS® will start out by explaining to you why the house cleaning service is best industry to jump into. We’ll talk about how the market for maid service is expanding, how our systems are designed to maximise operational efficiency, and how working within a franchise can give you a support network to foster growth. Once you’ve joined our franchise, we’ll kick in right into gear and work with you to get your business off the ground and soaring.

Ready to take the leap?