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Pompano Beach Protected Maid Service Territory

  Frank Berger  |    Apr 10, 2010 9:18:02 AM  |    Franchise Opportunities


As an extra incentive to early You’ve Got MAIDS Franchisees, currently there is no territory charge for the first 10,000 qualified households. We invest in your success from the start! (Households with combined income of $75,000 or more are our target demographic.) Based on your address, the proposed area would include protected maid service territories in Pompano Beach, and sections of Fort Lauderdale & Deerfield Beach.

The actual protected territory awarded is based on territory availability and your financial resources, goals and abilities. It can be larger or smaller than the sample area. Once you are awarded an area, no other You’ve Got MAIDS franchisee will ever compete with you for clients in your protected territory! Your franchise contract last for 10 years, and is easily renewable or transferable.


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