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Michael Knight Purchases You've Got MAIDS Franchise in Orlando, Florida

  Frank  |    Jul 24, 2009 10:30:00 PM  |    Franchise Opportunities

birthday card

Michael Knight purchased our flagship You've Got MAIDS® location in Central Florida this July 13th.  Mr. Knight does his homework because at the closing table he slid a birthday card across the closing table with a check inside for the value of the franchise.  Once the closing attorney discovered there was money in my birthday card he quickly snatched Mr. Knights' check to pay the brokers, taxes etc.  Mr. Knight also gave a bottle of Guyana's finest 15 year old rum; that I did not share with the attorney or brokers!  All things considered it was a very memorable birthday.

Mr. Knight comes to You've Got MAIDS® with a wealth of business leadership experience.  His last position was as Chief Exectutive Officer of RAMU AGRI-INDUSTRIES where he led over 3,000 employes in Papu New Guinea.

Everyone at You've Got MAIDS® wishes Mr. Knight the best of success with his new franchise!

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