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Marketing benefits of Maidmoblies

  Joseph Berger  |    Mar 14, 2018 8:00:00 AM  |    Franchise Opportunities

20170719 MaidMobile #1 front.jpg


Moving Billboard

Here at You've Got Maids HQ in sunny Charleston, SC, we believe there are at least three categories of good reasoning for having maidmobiles. The one I want to talk about today is marketing. The other two are operations and human resources, and there's a video of yours truly talking about those reasons right here

That being said, I really would like to tell you why I'm excited about the marketing benefits of maidmobiles. First off, doesn't maidmobile sound cool? At You've Got Maids, we embrace that sort of thing. Life should be fun, carefree when it can be, and that sort of lifestyle is our business.

Hello, Customer

Our franchisees know their customer. We're really particular about who we do business with, and we'll be training you as a franchisee on how to do business with those people in particular. It's not that we're snobby, we've just identified our customer. Accordingly, we know who the right sort of maid is, and who the right sort of franchisee who can put these good people together is. When you know who you, who you're doing business with, and how you're going to do it, well then all that's left is marketing. This is precisely why we've spent so much time and focus on our brand

Our maidmobiles are a part of that brand. They look great, don't they? Our customers appreciate having such a fine looking vehicle parked in front of their house on their weekly cleaning day. It just feels better. Think of it from their shoes, which would you prefer: an unmarked vehicle that looks like it leaks oil or a shiny, colorful maidmobile that says what it is. There's no confusion, no riddle to solve, the maids of You've Got Maids are here and it's time for clean to come back home. 

20170719 MaidMobile #1 Side.jpg

The Places You'll Go

Picture this, you're driving home, you know your home isn't clean. You've left the battlefield of work, and you want to come home to peace. You're walking up the driveway, happy to see your family, happy to eat dinner with them, and then you open the door to the home that you've worked so hard to buy, insure, and improve. Well then you walk in and the floors are dirty. You excuse yourself to go the bathroom, and it's not pristine. Ugh. 

The next day, you're driving home, you come to a red light and the car next to you catches your eye. It's blue, it's yellow, there are bubbles, and it catches your eye. You mouth the words, "You've Got Maids". It's kind of silly, you smile a little. How can you not say You've Got Maids and smile a little? It's like that was the idea all along...to make people smile... Well, then you see a phone number, a website. Why not give them a call, they seem like a legitimate company, and maybe they can make you smile again after weekly service. 

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