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Franchise Locations Available In Almost Every Major Market

  Joseph Berger  |    Feb 28, 2018 8:39:00 AM  |    Franchise Opportunities


Coast to Coast

You've Got Maids started franchising in 2010, and seven years later we have nearly a hundred territories contracted and developed by our franchisees. We're ready for rapid expansion and almost every market still has room for development. That being said, some markets have limited availability, and anyone interested in those areas should act quickly. Specifically, this would include Orlando, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Phoenix. There is still room for development in these areas, but they are likely to go fast considering the incredible growth of those markets. 

The Southeast

The first two locations founded by Frank & Cynthia Berger were in Orlando, FL, and Charleston, SC. The Founders wanted to prove that the business model worked in large markets as well as midsize markets. They also wanted to prove the ability to not only run multiple units but that it was also possible to run multiple units over great distances. Our systems are built for this, and we have the training and resources ready for the ambitious entrepreneur.

Several of our franchisees have already seized the opportunity, utilizing the offer of a waived franchise fee on the additional territory. Meaning that the franchisee who wishes to expand to a second territory need only pay the territory fee. Lastly, I should mention that the franchisee fee and territory fee are both amongst the lowest in the industry. Maybe this has to do with Franchise Business Review naming You've Got Maids a Top Low-Cost Franchise.

Within the southeast, several markets are still completely open for development. In particular, the markets of Atlanta, Jacksonville, and Raleigh-Durham are sure to show growth in the coming months. We're excited to have these markets open and are looking for rock star franchisees to build You've Got Maids units there.


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Everyone who has tried to drive through down I-95 through DC knows that there's plenty of opportunity between northern Virginia and, well, Maine. The DC-Baltimore area already has a few franchisees, but areas such as Bethesda, Annapolis, and others are available for development. Philadelphia, New York, and New Jersey also have room for several if not dozens of franchisees ready to build money machines in the mid-Atlantic region.

West Coast

Los Angeles is still a boom town and we're so happy to already have a few franchisees doing great work in the LA metro area. We're excited to grow there, and throughout California. Opportunities in Seattle, Portland, and the great cities of the Rocky Mountains and adjoining desert are ripe for growth as well. 

Midwest, New England, Plains

As Drew Carey once said, "Ohio!". We love our Midwest, New England, and plains franchisees and are excited continued growth in these areas. 

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