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Franchise Opportunities in Fort Worth

  Joseph Berger  |    Nov 23, 2018 11:47:00 AM  |    Franchise Opportunities

Fort Worth: An Overview

According to DataUSA, there are 855,897 people living in Fort Worth, TX. The median age is somewhat young at 32, the median property value is $151,000, and the most common professions are in business management, sales, and healthcare administration. Several major companies are headquartered in Fort Worth including American Airline, BNSF Railway, and RadioShack. Fort Worth has a higher than an average rate of residents whose first language isn't English. The top non-English languages include Spanish, Vietnamese, and Laotian.



Fort Worth Economics

In Fort Worth the 2016 median household income is $56,428. The major concentrations of wealth are in the north side of the metropolitan area and southwest section. There is a 17.5% poverty rate in the metropolitan area. 

Fort Worth Homes

The 2016 median property value in Fort Worth rose from $136,700 in 2015 to $151,000 indicating solid interest in housing in the Fort Worth area. Over half of housing units were occupied by the owner rather than a renter. The commute time in Fort Worth is above average at 26.7 minutes, most homes own two cars, and the average property tax is over three thousand dollars a year.



Franchise in Fort Worth

Most of the major players in house cleaning franchising have already developed Fort Worth, but there is still room to grow with You've Got Maids. You've Got Maids has a presence in the Dallas area and are excited about growing into the Fort Worth market. With close to a million residents, a large potential worker base, and rising incomes and property values, Fort Worth is a prime area for development. 

Prospective franchisees come from all different backgrounds and business experiences. You may already have a maid service that you want to take to the next level or perhaps you have a lifelong desire to own your own business. We're happy to speak with anyone interested in developing a business in Fort Worth.


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