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E-2 Visas from Canada

  Joseph Berger  |    Dec 7, 2018 1:51:00 PM  |    e-2

Canada to U.S.A.

241 Canadians used an E-2 Visa to enter the United States and start a business in 2016 according to a March 2017 report from the State Department. Canadians area able to apply for E-2 Visas due to an existing trade treaty dating back to 1993. There are over a million Americans with some Canadian heritage. Many Canadians, known as "snowbirds", flock to areas such as Arizona, south Florida, southern California, and so on for warmer weather during the brutal Canadian winters. 


E-2 Visa History

The Citizenship and Immigration Services, a sub-department of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security states that an E-2 Visa is a means for a "a national of a treaty country (a country with which the United States maintains a treaty of commerce and navigation) to be admitted to the United States when investing a substantial amount of capital in a U.S. business." 

E-2 Visas can be a method for an extended stay in the U.S. as they're relatively simple and can result in fast entry. Someone starting a business with an E-2 Visa may bring along their family members. The Citizen and Immigration Services website states that a E-2 Visa holder may bring with them their "spouses and unmarried children below the age of 21 years of age". Spouse and children needn't be of the same nationality as the Visa holder.

Franchise Opportunities for Canadians in the U.S.

You've Got Maids has experience with working with E-2 Visa applicants and are open to speaking with anyone of appropriate interest and resources. By clicking the link below, you can learn more and find a form to reach out to our Development team who will answer any questions you might have and work with you through the discovery process. Perhaps you have interested in developing a market in one of the sunnier areas of the United States, and you'll be pleased to know that in most major markets we still have opportunities to expand. 

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