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How to Organize Your Pantry in 5 Steps

  Jonathan Teall  |    Nov 7, 2019 3:55:33 PM  |    Sugar Land

Re-Usable Containers: Eco-Friendly, Space Saving Solutions

Spend some time organizing the rooms in your home before the cold sets in this winter, and you'll feel all the more cozy. You won't have to spend your time stressing about what item goes where when you can visibly see exactly where to put it! Plus, organizing your ingredients will allow you to have a much easier time preparing your favorite seasonal meals. You've Got Maids specializes in saving your time. Our professional, trained house cleaners love to come into your home and do all of your dirty work for you. Request a free estimate from us today! Click the button below, and be sure to read through our following tips.

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Canva - Collection of grain products

1. Store your spices somewhere cool and dark, in an air tight container.

Spices do not necessarily go bad based on their environment; however, if they are stored in an area that is exposed to light and heat they may begin to clump up or harden, making them much harder to use. Keeping your spices in an airtight glass jar always protects the aromatic qualities of the spices, making them even more effective. Solve this by storing them in airtight glass containers, preferably with a flip top such as these. They're affordable at $25 for 24 glass jars, and very durable.

2. Acrylic bins for grains and cereals

Store your rice, quinoa, corn flakes, pasta, cheerios, and whatever else you can think of in large acrylic bins. You can purchase a matching set of 4 for 20$ here. It's important to have a spout built into one of these, so don't just use any old bin. Otherwise, you're sure to spill a few tablespoons of rice all over your kitchen every-time you go for that "dangerous" pour-from-a-jar. These bins certainly make it easier to store your products, but they also make them last longer. How many times have you seen a plastic bag rip right down the side when your child reaches into it? Skip that disaster entirely, and purchase yourself a set of descriptive, label-wearing cereal bins.

3. Turntables/Lazy Susan's for cooking and baking goods

Lazy Susans are space efficient solutions to accidentally knocking over your pantry goods every time you reach for the baking powder you need for that recipe. Purchase a turntable with walls here in order to prevent any culinary accidents! You don't want to be cleaning brown sugar out of all the nooks and crannies of your kitchen closet.

4. Pop In Drawers

Follow this guide provided by ikeahackers.net to install a set of IKEA drawers inside of your pantry. This cheap and easy space saving solution will allow you to easily access your pantry supplies at any time. Don't worry about fumbling around in your dark pantry, pull the shelves out into your kitchen.

5. Use zip ties in order to hang up your rarely used cooking utensils: wooden spoons, spatulas, potato mashers, etc.

Put up a command hook, or a more permanent solution. Any old type of hook that can hold your coat will be fine. Run a zip tie through the handle of the utensil and hang it up out the way. You'll save a ton of your drawer space.

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