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Hiring Uninsured House Cleaners Can Cost You a Lot of Money

Why You Must Never Hire
Maids or House Cleaning Services
Unless They Satisfy 4 Important Criteria

(Or you could end up losing a LOT of money!)

Canva - hand cleaning glass window pane with detergentGetting your home cleaned is a household expense for which you want to pay as low a price as possible, right?  If you’re like most people, hiring the best maid service can feel like a luxury—and when you find a self-employed house cleaner or private maid who can clean your home at a small fraction of the price charged by professional house cleaning services, it’s very tempting to hire that individual because you think you can save a few bucks. 

     You’re not alone.  It’s just human nature to want to pay the least amount of money for house cleaning services—especially if you think all house cleaning services are created equal. 

     But did you know … that the money you save upfront when you hire self-employed house cleaners and private maids (who are usually not insured, bonded, or background-checked) can cost you a LOT more money than you save … and may even wipe out your life savings?  This is sobering but true. 

     Here are 4 reasons why using private maids or individual house cleaners can end up costing you a fortune:

(1) Most self-employed house cleaners and private maids who offer to clean your home are not insured.  This puts you at major risk as a homeowner. 

     If the maids you hire break or damage anything in your house accidentally, they do not have the financial means to replace or repair your property—and they cannot be legally held responsible for any damage.

     More importantly, if your maids get injured or hurt while cleaning your home, you are responsible for paying their medical bills.   

Homeowner Loses More Than $15,000 by Hiring the Wrong Maid!
     A homeowner named Arianna learned her lesson the hard way when a maid she hired broke an antique vase in her house worth over $12,000.  What's more, when the vase broke, its shattered pieces caused serious wrist injury to the maid, which required emergency services and doctor’s bills costing over $3,000—and these necessarily had to be paid by the homeowner, Arianna, by law.  


     The worst-case scenario is if your maid suffers a catastrophic on-the-job injury—e.g., falling from a ladder or stairs in your home—that results in a permanent disability or loss of function.  When something like this happens, the injured maid is probably not entitled to state disability benefits or support under state worker’s comp laws—and you, the homeowner, would be responsible for paying exorbitant ongoing expenses associated with the maid’s injuries.  This could potentially cost you a fortune or wipe out your life savings!

     By contrast, a reputable house cleaning service like You’ve Got Maids® carries both liability insurance and worker’s compensation. Their liability insurance protects you if a maid causes damage to your home—and will replace your damaged property.   Worker’s compensation insures that if a maid gets injured or hurt while working in your home, the insurance company—not you—will pay their medical bills.

(2) Self-employed house cleaners and private maids are not background-checked.

     Although individual house cleaners or maids may come highly recommended, since they are self-employed rather than employees of a reputable company, they don’t come with background checks.  What if the maid you’re about to hire is actually a criminal or a felon – and you didn’t know it?  Since you probably don’t routinely do background checks on maids, how could you possibly be sure that you’re not exposing your home, your family, and your property to potential criminal acts by a felon disguised as an innocent-looking maid who has full access to your home?

Homeowner Loses Valuable Furnishings and an Entire Vault
of Cash and Jewelry by Hiring Self-Employed Maids!
A homeowner named Ananda Patel learned a very expensive lesson when she hired a private house cleaning husband-and-wife team who was recommended by a co-worker.  Although she didn’t know it at the time, the husband-and-wife team happened to belong to a crime ring that routinely installed small hidden cameras in the homes they cleaned.  When Ananda’s family went on vacation, the criminals knew that the family was out of town because they were able to monitor the home remotely via hidden cameras—so they burglarized her house.  When she returned from vacation, Ananda and her husband were horrified to find out that the criminals had stolen valuable furnishings and belongings, and even stole an entire vault (full of cash, jewelry, and bond certificates) that was bolted to the floor of her closet. 

     A reliable house cleaning company like 
You’ve Got Maids® puts their employees through extensive background checks before hiring them and sending them out to clean people’s homes.  With a service like theirs, you can rest assured that no criminals or felons will ever clean your house.  And in the unlikely event that theft ever happens on the watch of You’ve Got Maids®, the company will take responsibility because they’re got insurance coverage—unlike individual house cleaners and maids who do not.  The peace of mind you’ll gain when you have your house cleaned by background-checked maids is priceless.

(3) Many self-employed house cleaners and maids are undocumented immigrants—and it’s illegal for you to hire them.

     In 1986, immigration law made it mandatory for employers to check the work authorization of every worker they hire.  If you think your self-employed house cleaners or maids are not your employees, think again.   If they are using your cleaning supplies or equipment, or they’re cleaning your house when you want them to, and doing any type of work on your property, they are probably regarded as your employee by the U.S. government.  This means that if you don’t check their work authorization (Form I-9, which contains their Social Security Number), this means you could be charged with penalties and even criminal prosecution for hiring workers who do not have appropriate documents.  

     Furthermore, if your house cleaner or maid is regarded as your employee, you’re responsible for employee withholding, social security payments, and federal unemployment taxes, and reporting the same to the Employment Development Division, the Internal Revenue Service, and the California Franchise Tax Board.

     Perhaps the most well-known person who got in trouble for hiring an illegal immigrant to clean his house is Andy Puzder, President Trump’s nominee for Labor Secretary.  He admitted that he and his wife were unaware that the woman they hired was not legally permitted to work in the U.S.  When he learned of her status, he immediately terminated her employment—but he still had to pay penalties and back taxes to the IRS and the State of California.  

     For legal, regulatory, and labor reasons, homeowners are better off hiring maids that are employees of a professional company like You’ve Got Maids® – and putting the job of obtaining work authorizations, taxes and wages on their shoulders.

(4)   All house cleaning services are not created equal – 4 criteria you  MUST check

     The reason most people want to pay the least amount of money for house cleaning services is that they mistakenly think that all house cleaning services are pretty much the same—and that all maids have similar cleaning standards, with results that are indistinguishable from each other.  This is absolutely not true.  

 Warning:  Don’t hire individual house cleaners,
private maids, or house cleaning services
unless they satisfy the following criteria:

•    Environmentally-friendly and Non-Toxic House Cleaning

This is very important because ordinary house cleaning services use highly toxic products that are not only hazardous to your health, but are harmful to the environment.
You’ve Got Maids® specializes in green cleaning.  They take pride in using only cleaning products and equipment that are healthy for you, your family, and your pets—as well as safe for the environment.

•    Insured, Bonded and Highly-Trained Maids – Certified by Maid University™

All the maids dispatched by You’ve Got Maids® to clean your house have been thoroughly screened and background-checked, and they are insured (covered by liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance).  Best of all, they are highly trained and certified by Maid University™, the premier training program with an unmatched standard of excellence in maid service training.  They’re the only maids that are trained to do the exclusive 52-Point Spring Clean™ which ensures the cleaning of essentially every surface, in every room of your home.

•    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Does your house cleaning service guarantee your satisfaction?  If not, don't hire them.  
You’ve Got Maids® offers an unbeatable 100% guarantee:  If you are not happy with any area their maids have cleaned, simply call within 24 hours and they will come back out and re-clean it free of charge.  This makes hiring them virtually risk free.



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Here’s the Takeaway:  The next time you plan on having your house cleaned, make sure you minimize your liability, reduce your financial risk, and gain peace of mind by hiring a cleaning company that satisfies all of the above criteria, instead of trying to hire a self-employed house cleaner or private maid that puts you, your family, your home, and your finances at tremendous risk.