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Why You've Got Maids?

Now in our second decade of franchising, You've Got Maids is a favorable combination of experience and possibility. Investors will appreciate our systems for success and the possibility to grow as big as your dreams.

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Hear from the franchisees themselves about their experiences starting and operating their You've Got Maids franchises. At You've Got Maids, we're a family of entrepreneurs committed to growing America's Finest Maid Service.    

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House cleaning isn't exactly a newfound idea. There have been maids as long as there have been houses and there always will be. That being said, professional franchise house cleaning services are bringing this age-old service into the modern era. 

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You've Got Maids turns bathrooms into goldmines without nickeling and diming its franchisees. Learn more about our competitive fee structure that puts franchisor and franchisee on the same side of the table.

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In most major markets, prime territories are still open for development. Get the territory that you want now, with the possibility of expanding in the future. 

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Why You've Got Maids

Nationwide, You’ve Got Maids is helping entrepreneurs just like you live the American Dream of business ownership. When you own your own business, you own your future. Our proven System for Success is based upon years of franchise excellence.

The Ideal Concept

You’ve Got Maids has consistently been distinguished by Entrepreneur magazine and Franchise Business Review as a leader in the residential cleaning industry, a top low-cost franchise, a top franchise opportunity, and a top franchise for franchisee satisfaction. Many variables contribute to success, but an important part of that is aligning with the culture. These characteristics are at the core of our brand.

Franchise Family

One of the major benefits of joining a franchise is the information, data, and knowledge that is shared within. Not only will you learn all of our best practices at training at our World Headquarters in Charleston, SC, but also you'll learn from the franchise family. Your peers, the other franchisees, are more than willing to share their stories with you, all in hope of pushing each other forward. 

All For One, One For All

When independent business owners have a problem, they often don't have anyone to turn to who can help. They might have some mentors or people they respect, but they often won't have access to a large group of peers who are willing to spend a few minutes diagnosing a familiar issue and finding a way forward. Being a part of a franchise changes that. Through conventions, forums, and digital meetings, you'll be meeting your fellow franchisees and gaining friends who can you lean on when you have an obstacle before you. Similarly, our latest and greatest ideas are often coming from our franchisees. That information is shared openly throughout the franchise and everyone benefits. We work together to accomplish all of our business goals. 

Three Reasons Why Our Maidmobiles Are Fantastic

Believe it or not, none of our reasons for why Maid-Mobiles are fantastic to have to do with how absolutely beautiful they look. They are pretty easy on the eyes, but that's not why we have them. We have them because they help our franchisees maintain top-notch marketing, operations, and human resources.

1. Marketing 

Maidmobiles are moving billboards. Jealous neighbors will be calling us to see if they too can get their house cleaned by America's Finest Maid Service. Busy people driving next to them will give us a call to clean up before the weekend. They have even partaken in city parades. Wherever they go, Maid-Mobiles make an impression and let the people in the communities we serve know that we are here to do business. The more of them on the road, the more powerful that message becomes. 

2. Operations

When we control our means of transportation, we control our operations. You've Got Maids has worked tirelessly to build a system for success that puts our franchisees in a position to always say yes to the client. Our clients have high expectations, and only through owning our Maidmobiles can we assure that the cars parked in front of the client's house are aesthetically pleasing, as well as functioning well enough to get there in the first place. 

3. Human Resources

Some of our best maids don't drive or have a car that would be reliable every day. By providing them with a Maidmobile, we take away that burden from them and let them focus on making our clients happy. This is one of the many reasons why our maids have chosen to be a part of our growing team. By making working at You've Got Maids more accessible, we improve our position of attracting, attaining, and retaining the best maids in America.