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In most major markets, prime territories are still open for development. Get the territory that you want now, with the possibility of expanding in the future. 

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Why You've Got Maids?

Now in our second decade of franchising, You've Got Maids is a favorable combination of experience and possibility. Investors will appreciate our systems for success and the possibility to grow as big as your dreams.

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Hear from the franchisees themselves about their experiences starting and operating their You've Got Maids franchises. At You've Got Maids, we're a family of entrepreneurs committed to growing America's Finest Maid Service.    

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House cleaning isn't exactly a newfound idea. There have been maids as long as there have been houses and there always will be. That being said, professional franchise house cleaning services are bringing this age-old service into the modern era. 

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You've Got Maids turns bathrooms into goldmines without nickeling and diming its franchisees. Learn more about our competitive fee structure that puts franchisor and franchisee on the same side of the table.

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You've Got Maids Locations

You've Got Maids has been successful in every corner of the country. Most major markets retain open space for development in prime residential areas. Opportunities for securing your desired territory may still exist although interest in this industry is such that you should act quickly. Contact us today to learn more about how you can grow in your market.

The Ideal Territory

You’ve Got Maids looks for areas with significant populations of households earning at least $75,000 or more. We comb multiple data points such as median household income, net worth, and disposable income along with key facts such as money spent in the housekeeping sector and the percentage of homes utilizing cleaning services. Together with population and total households, you'll have a firm understanding of the area in which you are investing.

Common Characteristics

Ideal territories are often suburban, allowing for tight routes and significant growth within the territory. Your office need not necessarily be within the protected territory. Our clientele rarely, if ever, visit our offices. Accordingly, our primary considerations when it comes to office placement relates to staffing and routing. You've Got Maids will give further guidance to you during the Jump Start process to secure an office that will fit with your business goals.


You've Got Maids offices can be and have been in many different types of locations. Our first office was no more than 400 square feet and while you may eventually grow out of such a compact environment, the flexibility of minimal requirements may help keep costs efficient. We will also consider parking requirements and other operational concerns such as cleaning and sanitizing equipment such as the microfiber towels.