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Maid Service

Biweekly Clean

Every Other Week Maid Service


Your time is valuable. Coming home to a house that’s clean and comfortable is a wonderful feeling. You’ve Got Maids is a nationwide, trusted name in professional house cleaning. We include more than just making your home look clean, we pay attention to the details. 


How it Works:

✔ A supervisor is onsite for every service
✔ The supervisor is assigned to your home
✔ We arrive in a logo’d, company vehicle
✔ The maids are trained, and wear uniforms
✔ We bring all the cleaning supplies
✔ We work in teams for efficiency
✔ The estimate is free, no obligation
✔ No contracts so the pressure is on us
✔ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee every time
✔ Your office is locally owned and operated
✔ The maids must pass background checks 
✔ We are licensed, bonded, and insured  
✔ We will happily customize cleanings
✔ Our philosophy: Live, Laugh, Love


What We Clean:

✔ Toilet scrubbed clean, disinfected
✔ Shower and tub scrubbed clean
✔ Sinks hand-washed
✔ Shower glass cleaned 
✔ Counters hand-washed
✔ Mirrors cleaned and shined
✔ Fixtures cleaned and shined
✔ Remove smudges from light switch plates
✔ Dust baseboards
✔ Floors hand-washed
✔ Remove smudges from doors
✔ Clean & sanitize trash cans
✔ Tile scrubbed clean
✔ Clean and sanitize interior and exterior of microwave
✔ Hand-wash clean the stove and backsplash
✔ Clean the exterior of appliances
✔ Clean and sanitize the sink 
✔ Load the dishwasher
✔ Hand-wash counters 
✔ Hand-wash the interior of the kitchen sink window
✔ Wipe down tables and chairs
✔ Dust exposed baseboards
✔ Wash floor with special attention to corners 
✔ Hand-wipe clean inside and outside of the trash can
✔ Tidy up, remove trash, reline the trash can
✔ Tidy up, and make beds
✔ Clean tile and wood floors, vacuum carpet
✔ Dust exposed baseboards
✔ Dust and polish furniture
✔ Remove trash 
✔ Clean and sanitize trash can, inside and out
✔ Remove high cobwebs
✔ Remove dust from ceiling fan
✔ Remove smudges from light switch plates
✔ Remove smudges from doors
✔ Wipe clean window sills and sashes 


✔ Wash wood floors, tile floors, vacuum carpets
✔ Dust and polish furniture
✔ Remove high cobwebs
✔ Remove dust from blinds
✔ Remove dust from ceiling fans
✔ Remove smudges from light switch plates
✔ Remove smudges from doors
✔ Hand-wash inside and outside of trash cans
✔ Hand-wash window sills, sash, front door glass
✔ Hand-wash sliding glass doors, vacuum tracks
✔ Dust exposed baseboards
✔ Pick up and straighten, remove trash

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