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    The following is an outline of You’ve Got MAIDS policies and procedures. More details can be found on our website. Please take a moment to read it over.

    You’ve Got MAIDS is a professional home cleaning service fully insured and bonded. Our maids wear You’ve Got MAIDS uniforms to identify themselves. We arrive in a Yellow Maid-Mobile which will be parked on the street, unless
    instructed otherwise.


    1. 1. Payment – Since we do no billing, we appreciate full payment on the day of cleaning. Most clients pay by a secure credit card, otherwise payment by check or cash should be left on kitchen counter for the on-site supervisor to pick up when the maids arrive. Payment is due at the time of service. A $25 fee is applied to all returned checks. If you use a credit card, your account will be charged the balance due, plus any fees. Reoccurring credit card payments are charged by 9am the day of the scheduled clean.
    2. 2. Cancellation/Skipping Service – We understand life happens! If you need to skip service or cancel a scheduled cleaning appointment, simply call the office or email us two business days before your appointment. This will allow us to reassign your maids to another Client. Less than 48 hours’ notice will result in a fee of half of the price of the service. If we are already on the road to your home, get to your door, and/or are locked out, we charge the full price of your scheduled service (this is why the majority of Clients entrust their key to our office safe). To ensure that all your needs are addressed, please correspond all requests and changes directly to the You’ve Got MAIDS Office Manager. Please do not communicate these important details with your maids.
    3. 3. Workers Compensation Insurance – Relax, we got you covered. All of our maids are our employees and covered under our Workers' Compensation Insurance.
    4. 4. Nanny Tax – No worries, YGM insulates you from the “Nanny Tax”. We take care of the maids Social Security, Medicare, Federal Unemployment Taxes and State Unemployment/Disability Taxes.
    5. 5. Liability Insurance – We have 2 million dollars worth of liability insurance. I doubt you would ever consider driving your car without insurance in order to save a few bucks, but everyday smart people pay independent maids to clean without insurance.
    6. 6. Licensed and Bonded – Yes and Yes. Our liability insurance goes up to 2 million dollars. However, it is never prudent to leave cash and jewelry unsecured in your home; lock up your valuables.
    7. 7. Quote – Initial Clean Prices and hours are based on your accurate assessment of the condition of your home. If we find the condition is not consistent with your description (copied below and attached herewith) more or less time may be required. You are welcome to limit the number of maid hours. If you give us a limit or a cap we will work up to that limit, and then stop. If a Client limits our service, naturally we cannot guarantee satisfaction. After the initial job our Clients enjoy a set price for weekly or every-other-week service.
    8. 8. Access - Our time starts when we arrive to clean. If we have to wait on someone to unlock the door there will be less time available to clean the house.
    9. 9. 24-Hour Guarantee: - If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of our work, simply inform you’re You’ve Got MAIDS Office within 24 hours of your service and we will fix it. It is just that simple. Naturally, because of the subjective nature of cleaning, and the fact that the maids have already scrubbed the Client’s toilets, refunds are not offered. After 24-hours, we cannot assure our 100% guarantee.
    10. 10. Specifications – If you ordered our top of the line cleaning, please refer to the 52-Point Spring  CleanTM list to insure you
      understand exactly which areas will be cleaned in your home. If it isn't listed, you must discuss "special requests" with the
      phone estimator before service commences as there may be a price adjustment. Our maids are instructed to follow the work
      requirements listed on your custom work order. Please call or email the office at least 48 hours in advance to schedule your
      additional needs.
    11. 11. Unfair Competition - Clients may not solicit or employ past or present You’ve Got MAIDS associates to work for them directly
      or indirectly in any capacity whatsoever and must agree to pay a $2,995 "finder’s fee" if you hire a past or present You’ve Got
      MAIDS associate.
    12. 12. Condition - If there’s a lot of activity going on in your home we will do our best to work around it but too many interruptions in
      our routine may prevent us from completing the job in the amount of time estimated. More time may be available for
      purchase, or we may need to adjust what tasks we can accomplish due to the lack of time.
    13. 13. Pets and Plants – Our maids appreciate when you secure your pets and pick up after them before our arrival. Due to the
      individual care that plants require, we are not to maintain them.
    14. 14. Valuables: To avoid accidents, it would be helpful if you put away any valuables, collectibles, etc. The nature of cleaning requires our staff to touch virtually all items within the home. If any damage or loss does occur, please notify You’ve Got Maids within 24 hours of date of service. Maximum liability is limited to ten times the cost of the day’s service. Certain exclusions apply; please see www.youvegotmaids for details.

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