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Maids in Portland Oregon | You've Got Maids™

  Joseph Berger  |    Jan 17, 2019 8:28:53 AM  |    Portland,  |    house cleaning

There are plenty of options for maid service in Portland. A quick search on Google for "maids in portland oregon" will find you several options, many of whom have decent ratings. It can be hard to decide what service is right for your family from the crowd. Here, are a two things to consider in your search:

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Top House Cleaning Career in Portland

  Joseph Berger  |    Sep 14, 2018 10:04:35 AM  |    careers


You've Got Maids of Portland operates with a culture of respect and dignity. You'll find an atmosphere where everyone is held to a high standard. You've Got Maids' associates all go through Maid University. You'll learn and earn a certificate upon graduation from the training process. You'll have opportunities to advance to becoming a Team Leader, and management beyond that. It is possible to work your way up to owning a franchise location of You've Got Maids.

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Beaverton Lifestyle Design

  Joseph Berger  |    Sep 10, 2018 3:57:58 PM  |    Fun

Fine Food

To say there's plenty of good options for eating out in Beaverton is a serious understatement. There are dozens of delicious delicatessens, diners, and doughnut shops. You can do well for yourself ignoring the rest of the greater Portland metro area and just eating around Beaverton. That being said, here's a few tasty ideas to start out with:

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