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Essential Toledo Restaurants

  Jonathan Teall  |    Oct 9, 2019 11:41:56 AM  |    Toledo

Here's Some Dinner Tips, on Us:

There's plenty of unique places to dine in Toledo, Ohio. This list will highlight some of the exciting new restaurant concepts that have been successful in the area. Perhaps you'll see something new that piques your interest. Take this opportunity to make a fun night out of it, find a good friend and try it out together. Good food is best enjoyed with good company!

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Mancy's Steakhouse


©Photo by Don Radebaugh

Price Range: $$$

Mancy's has been a mainstay in Toledo, OH ever since 1921. They have been serving up the best steaks in town ever since. They serve a top quality steak, which are aged for 28 days and then hand-cut on premise. Their steaks have become famous due to the perfect sear that this restaurant consistently delivers. They are seared at a high 1500 degrees, which allows a perfectly caramelized exterior. Make sure to check out their list of over 300 wines to pair with your meal. Mancy's Steaks is a great spot for your next celebratory dinner.

The Grape Leaf Diner


©Photo by The Grape Leaf Diner

Price Range: $$

The Grape Leaf Diner has a wide variety of healthy Lebanese menu options to choose from. Expect large servings, and an array of delicious variety. Be sure to take note of the beautiful saltwater aquarium in the middle of the Grape Leaf Diner's primary dining room!

Bistro 163


Price Range: $

Bistro 163 offers tasty farm-to-table meals that also benefit the community around you. They have implemented a great pay-it-forward option that you can elect to add onto your bill. Most of the menu prices are quite affordable, espescially considering the freshness of the ingredients. There are lots of hearty, comfort food options just around the $8 mark. You have the option to pay more than the actual cost of the dish in order to enable other patrons who may not be able to afford the experience. On top of that, the servers choose not to accept tips in order to push this mission forward.


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