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This weekend in Buffalo

  John Bodine  |    Oct 19, 2018 3:59:24 PM

Travel back in time with the family to see a drive in theater. It’s a big bucket list item for some, check them out (before they are all gone!) Buffalo has an amazing drive in that is thriving right now called The Transit Drive-In!
Drive-in theater

What’s it like?

Let's face it — unless your local movie theater is one of those theaters that's replacing seats with full-on La-Z-Boy recliners, movie theater seats are pretty uncomfortable. At the Warwick drive-in, unless you have a packed car, you can tilt your seat back, relax, and have plenty of room for snacks — minus the sticky floors. I even saw some movie-goers park their cars backwards, pop the trunk, and spread out a picnic blanket to watch the movie under the stars.

Since each movie-going group is in their own private, relatively-soundproof space, the atmosphere is less stiff and more casual. You don't have to spend your date or outing with friends sitting in silence for two hours — you can interact with what's on the screen in front of you (and even sneak a text or two).

Drive-In Theatre signage non wall 

Have Fun

Drive-in theaters are more destinations than regular theaters in part because they're such a rare, retro throwback to the golden age of cinema. But drive-ins are also a destination even if you live relatively close by. Plus, at most drive-in theaters, your ticket covers the cost of a double feature, so you can watch two movies for the price of one.


Take a drive back in time with your friends. Give your self more time by giving us a call or checking us out >HERE<

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