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Tips for the Maids!

  Janice  |    Jul 21, 2017 2:15:24 PM  |    Fort Wayne

To tip or not to tip, is the question! There is no standard rule when it comes to tipping. A majority of our clients here at Fort Wayne You've Got Maids do tip the maids. We do not mandate that they do, but we do encourage it!

Most of the time people who do leave a tip, base it on the service that was given. If you feel the maids did a great job and you got your money's worth out of the clean, then yes, a tip would be great! If you felt they went above and beyond anything you expected, then yes, you should tip! On the contrary, if there are things you felt were missed completely or they did not pay attention to detail or do a thorough job of checking, then no, a tip wouldn't be necessary.

Tips are not just monetary gifts to our maids. They are gifts from you to the maids to show gratitude and appreciation. It's a way for our maids to know they are doing a great job. It encourages them to be consistent and keep up the good work. Not saying if you don't tip that they won't feel appreciated or do a good job, but it will have some effect on how they perform! Tipping a maid is just like tipping a waitress at a restauraunt or the bartender at a bar.