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Out of the Ordinary Cleaning Tips (that WORK!!!)

  Janice  |    Jul 19, 2018 2:09:59 PM

Cleaning sometimes can be a handful! Especially when it comes to choosing the right products to use.  As America's BEST cleaning services we like to try out  all kinds of products and determine what is the best to use for our clients. We have came up with some out of the ordinary products to use on certain things that you wouldn't normally use.

These tips could possibly save you some time! 

  • Do you use hairspray! If so, we have found the best product to use to remove hairspray is Windex! Yes Windex, it does and awesome job of removing it from your counter top, blinds, floor, or doors!
  • How about a dirty oven! We typically use Easy Off, which is a fantastic oven cleaner. But sometimes it can leave a white residue if you do not properly clean it off. We found that Scrubbing Bubbles is a great substitute for an oven cleaner and good to use to remove the white residue from your oven.
  • Have a lot of woodwork around your home! We use microfiber cloths to do our everyday cleaning and they do a great job. But when it comes to the woodwork, we notice that they leave dust behind so you have to clean the area numerous times or keep changing your rag. If you have some old white t-shirts laying around that you barely use, cut those up into pieces the size of a rag and use those to clean your wood work. You will see they remove most of the dust and you won't have to keep wiping the same surface!!!

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