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Allergy issues

  Amanda  |    May 3, 2016 8:51:55 AM  |    House Cleaning Tips

Most everyone sleeps in a bed, but do you know that your bed is harboring dust mites that make you wake up either sneezing, stuffy, or your eyes are all matted shut? I found a link that has 20 tips on how to clean beds and mattresses. Aside from your normal flipping the mattress, it suggests you wash your bedding weekly, and your pillows and covers once every four to six weeks.

It says you can vacuum it off to help with the allergens and to get the dust mites out along withe the dead skin. You can get a cover mattresses to help with all this crazy mess. I would recommend an air purifier but that's just my 2 cents. Either way you go it's always best to do a deep cleaning often if you have allergies to get those dust bunnies and dust mites.


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