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House Cleaning in South Jacksonville, and the Saint John's area.

The professional maids in the South Jacksonville area work at You’ve Got Maids. Our maids provide an efficient, reliable, and effective home cleaning service that is sure to impress. You will never have to spend a moment worrying about your weekly housecleaning tasks when You've Got Maids. 

52-Point Spring Clean™

The 52-Point Spring Clean™ is the most thorough cleaning surface offered. This system targets every single area of your home. Our maids will clean every surface, and every forgotten nook and cranny. You'll be shocked by the amount of dirt and grime that can hide out of your line of sight. You don't need to spend a second thinking about that dirt and dust when You've Got Maids. We always have an on-site supervisor to ensure that your home is thoroughly cleaned until it is completely spotless for your arrival. From the scrubbed-clean bathrooms to the kitchens where we will clean the exterior and interior of the refrigerator, our maids won't miss a spot.

Regular Cleaning

Those who receive our routine cleaning services are amongst the happiest people in our community. Our clients who schedule weekly or every other week cleaning services have forgotten about their weekly chores, on purpose. You'll never to spend a moment of your time thinking about cleaning when You've Got Maids. Few of our regulars even own cleaning supplies anymore as we bring along everything needed to clean your home! We arrive promptly in company branded maid-mobiles filled with two or three uniformed maids.




52-Point Spring Clean™ Our exclusive 52-Point Spring Clean ensures the cleaning of essentially every surface, in every room of your home. 

Weekly Cleaning  Relax. Your maids will truly take over your housekeeping with weekly maid service. 

Biweekly Cleaning  Your time is valuable. Coming home to a house that's clean and comfortable is a wonderful feeling. 

Move In Cleaning  You only get one chance to get your new house perfectly clean, and that's with You've Got Maids!

Move Out Cleaning  Only You've Got Maids guarantees your security deposit will be returned for cleaning related issues thanks to our Landlord Guarantee!

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Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed at You’ve Got Maids.  If you are not happy with any area we’ve cleaned, simply call within 24 hours and we will come back out and re-clean the area, completely free of charge. This makes hiring You’ve Got Maids virtually risk free.  

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