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H.J. Heinz was Smarter than just "Pickles"

  Earla Transue  |    Apr 12, 2019 10:10:43 AM  |    Choosing a maid service



Uncommon Service

J. Heinz is quoted as saying To do a common thing uncommonly well brings success.” It’s a perfect quote for the business of cleaning. Cleaning is not only a common thing but so-o-o-o-o necessary and repetitive and time-consuming and exhausting and mundane and…well, you get the picture and no doubt agree.

The subject of cleaning, in addition to being a common thing, seems simple enough as well, that is until you really start thinking about it. Most factors regarding the type of service needed are relative, not absolute. Some of that is due to the human factor; what one person can live with (or perhaps doesn’t even see!), another can’t stand. The ideal situation for us here at You’ve Got MAIDS MidFlorida is to start off with a deep, thoroughly clean and then personalize the recurring service. We encourage open communication through whatever channels the client wants, face-to-face, phone, e-mail, text, or smoke signals (just checking to see if you’re reading this!). Client feedback and clear expectations make a happy client!

Success through Preparation

As with many enterprises, behind-the-scenes preparation can make or break a business. We launder our cleaning cloths “uncommonly well.” For example, a little unknown extra is practicing the proper procedure when laundering our microfiber cloths. They are washed in hot water; this opens the fibers allowing the dirt to be released. They are washed separately to prevent the microfibers from collecting lint from other fabrics, then eventually transferring it to a client’s belongings. Fabric softener is never used. Sure, it smells good and softens, but the final result is poor performance of the cleaning cloth itself. The microfibers need to be standing at attention to do their job, not lounging, all soft and fluffy, like a couch potato!

Speaking of laundering, sanitizing the end-of-day cleaning cloths is important as well. At least, it is to us and our standards. Sure, washing does a good job cleaning the day’s dirty laundry; but just to be on the safe side, You’ve Got MAIDS MidFlorida adds a sanitizer to the final rinse. To some, it may be an unnecessary step, but to us, it guarantees a virtually germ-free cleaning cloth for the next residential cleaning.  

Details are Everything

I doubt if Mr. Heinz ever thought of cross-contamination; well, maybe he did. I have yet to find a pickle in the ketchup. Relating to maid service, cross-contamination is when you use one cleaning cloth in one area of the house, then use the same cloth in another area. (Let your imagination run rampant here!) A Gold Standard maid service never does this! You’ve Got MAIDS MidFlorida steadfastly trains, practices, and stresses the use of our color-coded microfiber cloths for specific areas and purposes.

This blog may help to introduce some of our high standards. Many of us choose to hire a cleaning service to take care of our residential cleaning needs and, unfortunately, many of us are dissatisfied with the results as well. And right there is the reason why You’ve Got MAIDS MidFlorida strives daily to give our customers Gold Standard Service. We care and are happy when our customer is happy. That’s success to us.


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